One year ago in early January, Bruce and Russell Sargent cut down a hand picked tree from the Buckhorn property. Selected for a specific purpose, this tree is soon to become a 25 foot single slab bar at the new Caldera Brewery.


The new Caldera Brewery bar top, 25 foot single slab

Caldera is Ashland’s own brewery of internationally award winning ales and lagers. They were the first brewery in state of Oregon to brew and can its own beer. Cans are accepted in locations where bottles have long been banned, such as, golf courses, concert venues, beaches, and other places that do not usually mix with glass. The lightweight aluminum beer can is the package of choice for backpacking, fishing, hiking, camping, rafting, and to put in your refrigerator at home.


After the slab dried for long months over the summer, Bruce got to work milling, shaping and sanding the bar top to perfection. This was no easy task and has taken months of diligent work.



Bruce Sargent, perfecting a masterpiece soon to be enjoyed by many

The bar top will be installed in Caldera’s new 28,000 sq. ft. brewery on Clover Lane in Ashland. The new Caldera brewery will incorporate a brewery, distillery, soda pop production, restaurant, and tasting room with outdoor seating featuring amazing views of Grizzly Peak.



Along with the 25 foot front bar Bruce is also crafting two side bars, several smaller slab and round tables as well as the bar cabinets for the new Caldera restaurant.

Are you excited to be served a Caldera beer at this bar? We sure are! Stay tuned for instillation and the final steps…

Until next time,

Lauren of Buckhorn Springs