Buckhorn Greenhouse


The Sargent family is excited to welcome new residents, Stuart and Aiyana to Buckhorn and a new greenhouse! They have come with invigorating new energy and ideas for the future. Aiyana’s first objective upon arrival was to construct a greenhouse and expand the garden to its original dimensions. With her persistence, everyone became involved in making the greenhouse a reality.

Bruce carved out the area behind the Toft House and the upper barn.

Stu and Aiyana leveled out the area, dug the framing for the posts, made the rock wall, and planted a cover crop to prepare the soil.

With Bruce’s direction and Stu and Aiyana’s dedication, the framing went up smoothly.

Finally the green house is finished!

We eagerly await the arrival of delicious veggies. The garden has reverted back to its full circle dimensions with fruit trees, raspberries and asparagus already happily growing. More starts from Fry Family Farm are being planted daily as the garden expands. Hope more of you can make it out soon to help us enjoy the fresh Buckhorn vegetables!

Enjoy the spring sunshine!