Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook


For those of you who don’t already know, for the last year and a half the Sargent Family has been working diligently on a Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook. With the busy season fast approaching, we are working very hard to wrap things up before our guests start arriving.

Bruce has spearheaded the organization of the project and has kept things moving along, whether we like it or not! Leslie, Lauren and Bruce meet bi-weekly to discuss photo shots and location, narrative content and placement, and progress on each of their homework assignments.

(Right, Leslie, Linda and Quinn 1996)

Editing Narratives and History Content:

Author Linda Buturian, long time friend of the Sargents and contributor to the cookbook, is editing all of the narratives and historical content.

How we tested the recipes:
With the help of Rachel Michelson and Karen Resnick, Buckhorn Chef Leslie Sargent was able to compile their suggestions and her recipe tests for a friend of the family, Gwen Haynes, to do the final recipe editing.

The Sargents’ Food Photography Process:
While Leslie creates the food, Lauren stages the shot, and Bruce sets up the lights, situates his tripod, and finds the good angles. He has recently been experimenting with outdoor and alternative shots.

Bruce recently upgraded to a Canon Power Shot SX10; we needed to go the extra mile for the quality.


Lauren Sargent then takes all the content and photos to compile it into the over 200 page book. Each photo is first edited with Photoshop and then, along with every narrative, history piece and recipe, is entered into a predetermined location using the design program InDesign.

(Leslie’s Brownies)

We have a professional on board!

Howie Milgram, another talented friend of the family (who by the way got married at Buckhorn!), has agreed to use his countless years of page layout and design experience at Herb Pharm to edit the entire book to take it to the next level.

 (Sample page layout for Soba Noodle Salad)


Thank you again to all of you who contributed to the book’s success! Stay tuned for more sneak previews and progress reports!

– Lauren Sargent