Buckhorn’s CSA and Expansion of the Gardens


Many changes are happening in 2011 and the endless projects at Buckhorn are going full force. We started the year with our very own Buckhorn CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) service! CSAs in general provide benefits to both the farmers and the eaters. Farmers are paid for their work prior to the season or harvest, and know that someone wants the food they are growing and harvesting. Eaters get to know their farm and how their food is produced, and are provided with the freshest produce around (most greens in the stores are from CA or Mexico right now).

We have 13 members that have committed to one month of veggies for $7/week. By late spring and summer we will be using most of the greens for Buckhorn guests, but will pick it back up in the fall/winter. If you are interested in a share please contact Aiyana at: [email protected]

Resident farmer Aiyana easily convinced Bruce to expand the gardens. Bruce climbed onto his tractor, yet again, and carved out numerous new terraced garden beds.

Excited to fill the new gardens are hundreds of seedlings happily growing in the greenhouse. Fruit trees are on their way, the fence posts are in and WWOOFER’s (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) are ready to put in their share of hard work.

We have also been in the process of updating our website. Check out our new look and let us know what you think: http://buckhornsprings.org/ (remember, it’s a work in progress!)

Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook Update:

After the new year, Lauren and Bruce went on a book tour in the bay area. They ventured into many book stores, cookware stores and gift shops – overall a great success! While working out a transaction at a book store, they were recognized by a former guest who bought the book on the spot.It is still available to purchase through our website. Check it out by clicking here! We also added a page on our website titled “ Recipe of the Month,” check it out for favorites from the book and new inventions from Chef Leslie.