Buckhorn Springs Community Supported Meals

The Sargent family has made a living hosting groups at Buckhorn Springs for 30 years. However, due to the incredibly trying time we’ve all found ourselves in, we aren’t able to have our regular retreats or other events.

Instead, we’d like to share our culinary creations with our local community! We are excited to offer you a variety of options, all baked fresh in our commercial kitchen by husband and wife pair, Chef Paulina and Russell (both have current food handlers permits and are taking extra precautions to be safe!) Thank you in advance for helping us in a time of uncertainty and we’re so happy to be able to share some of our favorite Buckhorn treats.

Place your orders early so we make sure to cook enough (and tell your friends so we can make even more)!

To Place an Order

Please fill out the order form below, email or call to place an order. See below for free delivery times and instructions. 

Email: [email protected]
Call: 541.531.3593


Traditional Oven Baked Chilean Empanadas 

Ham, Beef, Chicken, or Veggie

Chef Paulina Samson-Fuentes, a native Chilean, loves to make her delicious oven baked empanadas. The meat option is what you’d find at a traditional Chilean meal. The crust is baked until golden brown, and each empanada is generously filled.

Our empanadas are made fresh on delivery day. These recommendations vary depending on your oven. Please note that you may need to heat the empanadas up for a shorter or longer period of time.

Fresh on Delivery Day
Reheat for ~10 minutes in oven at 350 degrees
Reheat for ~20 minutes in oven at 350 degrees
Defrost first, and reheat for ~20 minutes in oven at 350 degrees

One Time Purchase
*Payment due when order is placed
$24 for 4
$36 for 6
$70 for 12


Neapolitan with Ham
Inspired by a pizza flavor you can get at many coffee shops in Chile, this “pizza” style empanada is refreshing and perfect in the hot summer weather.

INGREDIENTS: Natural ham, tomatoes, monterey jack cheese, oregano, organic flour, lard, spices

We are pleased to offer local grass fed and finished beef from Dauenhauer Cattle based in Ashland, OR in our beef empanadas.

INGREDIENTS: Dauenhauer beef, organic onions, egg, black olive, organic flour, lard, spices

We use organic chicken in these traditional empanadas.

INGREDIENTS: Organic chicken, organic onions, egg, black olive, organic flour, lard, spices

Empanadas without beef or chicken are rarely found in Chile, but we’re happy to offer a delicious cheese and veggie stuffed option for our community.

INGREDIENTS: Organic broccoli, organic zucchini, mozzarella cheese, organic onions, black olive, organic flour, lard, spices

Artisanal Chocolates 

These artisanal chocolates are a new favorite, and absolutely delicious. Each order comes with a variety of our two flavors Coconut Dream and Almond Squares.

$6 for 8 squares
$12 for 16 squares

Almond Squares
INGREDIENTS: Semi sweet chocolate, condensed milk, almonds
Coconut Dream
INGREDIENTS: Semi sweet chocolate, coconut, agave, coconut oil

Buckhorn Granola (GF, DF)

The Buckhorn Granola has powered our family and guests for over 30 years. It is made with gluten free oats and nutritious seeds. This granola is filling, highly nutritious and low in sweetener. We recommend enjoying it with fresh fruit milk or yogurt.

$14 for 2lb
$20 for 3lb

INGREDIENTS: Gluten free organic oats, organic coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, coconut oil, honey

Leslie’s Buckhorn Bars (GF)

Chef Leslie Sargent’s custom energy bar recipe. You’ll want to eat these over and over! They are made with gluten free oats, almonds, peanut butter, coconut, ground flax seeds and a variety of dried fruit. We recommend enjoying them with a hot cup of coffee as a breakfast alternative.

$10 for 4
$20 for 8

INGREDIENTS: Organic peanut butter, organic gluten free oats, organic coconut, pumpkin seeds, puffed millet, dates, flax seeds, dates, apricots, raisins, organic maple syrup, organic agave

Handmade Thin Mint Cookies (GF)

Beautifully crispy and classic mint cookies. Our guests make special requests for these. They are made with gluten free flour, cocoa, peppermint extract and coconut oil. 

$15 for 12
$28 for 24

INGREDIENTS: Organic gluten free flour, organic coconut oil, applesauce, peppermint extract, organic sugar, chocolate chips, baking powder, arrowroot, xanthan gum, salt 

To Place an Order

Please fill out the order form below, email, text or call to place an order. See below for free delivery times and instructions. 

Email: [email protected]
Call or Text: 541.531.3593

Free Delivery in Ashland ($18 or over)

Cost for Delivery Outside of Ashland
Talent – $8
Phoenix – $12
Medford – $15

Tips are greatly appreciated!

Orders will be delivered Wednesday or Saturday between 4pm and 6pm. Please provide an address and a description of where to drop off your order. We will be wearing gloves and a mask and will respect your personal space, practicing physical distancing during dropoff.

Wednesday and Saturday
4pm – 6pm

*All orders must be placed by 10pm the day before delivery (Tues & Fri)

Custom Orders

Contact us for special orders. Buckhorn Chef Paulina is a classically trained pastry chef and makes beautiful custom desserts, dinners, sweet breads and more.