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The spring edition of Prescott College’s Transitions Magazine includes a wonderful article on page 16 titled “Right Next to the Tree” about the Sargent’s Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook in addition to many other great articles discussing the question, “Where Does Our Food Come from?”. Prescott College is a special place for Bruce, Leslie, Russell and Lauren Sargent who all attended and graduated from Prescott. Bruce studied Architecture and Building, Leslie studied Writing, Russell’s degree was in Adventure Education and Environmental Studies and Lauren’s in Cultural and Regional Studies/Art and Environmental Studies.

You can also read the Sargent’s article: “Right Next to the Tree” (as well as many more) here: http://bit.ly/fC4e7y

Right Next to the Tree
Prescott College Transitions Magazine

“When it comes to the recipe for enjoying life, the Sargent family shares the secret ingredients in Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook (2010). Bruce ’73, Leslie ’74, and Lauren Sargent ’08, two generations of Prescott College alumni (Russell ’07 is also a graduate), combine sustainable eating practices, a love of the earth and it’s creatures, family lore, and time-honored family favorite recipes, all intermingled with a history of
the lovingly-restored Buckhorn Springs retreat and spa in Ashland, Ore., that’s been the family home for over 20 years.

At Buckhorn Springs, guests become lifelong friends and locals make the trek to the green haven for parties and weddings (the book includes two pages of wedding photos), including most of the parents of Quinn’s (the youngest Sargent) gradeschool class. Photos of restoration projects intermingle with mouthwatering recipes; amaranth cornbread, an exotically violet-colored berry cheesecake, and Lauren’s chocolate mousse featuring a berry compote layer.

Lauren credits skills in Photoshop and In Design as well as project development and coordination learned during her Senior Project for setting the groundwork for the family collaboration. The rest was already there, the result of lives well lived. “I’ve always known I was one of those apples that fell right next to the tree, but working with my parents as peers, for the first time, allowed me to truly recognize it,” she said.

Speaking of apples, the book includes Lauren’s tempting recipe for vegan apple muffins on page 35. The Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook is available at buckhornsprings.org.

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