Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center

$3.95M | 21,000 Sq. Ft | 36 Bedrooms | 18 Full Baths | 6 Half Baths

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A magical retreat, tucked in the Rogue Valley in Ashland OR, Buckhorn Springs is a 124 acre inholding of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. The property has sustained a thriving business with many returning groups for 32 years. A sacred place where one feels connected to the land and for many who find refuge, beginning with American Indians who gathered on this ground for peace and healing. Nestled among ancient oaks, the retreat center features a restored Lodge, 8 private rooms and commercial kitchen. The Dodecagon, the elemental essence of Buckhorn, is the gathering space for guests. Three masterfully-crafted residences offer private housing opportunities for owner/staff. Thirteen lovingly restored cottages, with Emigrant creek frontage, are complemented with a circular garden, hiking trails connecting to old growth forests, and 1891 irrigation rights. Historic Buckhorn Springs offers secluded refuge minutes to wineries, arts, restaurants and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Unique Opportunity

An operating historic retreat center on 124 acres in the heart of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument outside of Ashland, Oregon.

Buckhorn Springs serves as a reminder of what is possible when a family commits to a particular place. In a modern world where jobs, houses, and lifestyles are often traded like interchangeable parts, Bruce and Leslie made a radical choice when they purchased the run-down mineral springs resort in October of 1987. They chose to restore and preserve the historic structures, and the stories of a single location. In doing so, their family embarked on what would soon become their life’s work: preserving a piece of Oregon’s history to share with their guests.

If you have the opportunity to visit Buckhorn, you’ll feel the Sargent’s commitment to the land and its history. Chef Leslie serves delicious, seasonal and organic meals. Bruce has restored the buildings according to historical photographs. Russell, their son, has built hiking trails to guide guests through the heart of the property. Lauren, their daughter, helped her mother share kitchen secrets and her father share the history by creating the Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook and now she maintains the Buckhorn website. Quinn, their youngest son, born and raised at Buckhorn, is well versed in working in the woods with his dad or the kitchen with his mom.

Buckhorn Springs Inc. (BSI) is a financially viable business with a long list of returning groups. After 30 years Sargents are ready to let go of the responsibility, and create an opportunity for retirement.

Sacred Ground

Tucked in a valley, Buckhorn Springs was once a healing ground to Native Americans. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a District.

The Property

Due to the rare free expression of carbon dioxide at Buckhorn Springs, it has been used for healing purposes as far back as the human record goes. This land was sacred ground to the American Indians, who were often in conflict, and yet treated each other with respect when visiting the springs. In 1989 the Buckhorn Mineral Springs Historic District (BMSHD) was placed on the National Register as Oregon’s 14th Historic District. We are currently in the process of creating a Conservation Easement with the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, and exploring protections for the Historic District, to put in place ongoing protection for Buckhorn’s resources.

Buckhorn Mineral Springs (BMS)

Created in 2000 to help facilitate the continued restoration of the BMSHD, BMS received its official 501-c3 status from the IRS in 2003. Its stated primary purpose is “to promote the protection, restoration, and management of the Buckhorn…through educational and charitable activities.” BMS has been managed since then without a budget basically as a conduit for grants and donations for the restoration of the BMSHD. Currently there is great potential for restructuring BMS into an entity which could be beneficial to this transition.

Historic Restoration

The Sargent family has been working on preserving and restoring the numerous buildings at Buckhorn for three decades.

Preservation and Land Management

Throughout our restoration of the facilities and redevelopment as a retreat facility, we have always had sustainability as a guiding principal. We have utilized materials from the property such as: our world class clay, Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar, and rocks found on site, to name a few. The final restoration project, the Physiotherapy Clinic, has been substantially completed, only the museum is left to set up. Our small scale farming to provide food for residents and guests has always been organic. We have a 24kV solar system which provides most of Buckhorn’s power needs. Buckhorn has 2 wells and a rock solid water right to irrigate 10 acres from Baldy Creek, which runs through the property.

• Visit Jackson County website to read more information about the properties. The parcels included are; T40SR3E, Tax Lots #3100, 3200, 3300.
• Check out the (BMSHD) National Park Service documentation.
• Look online for all public information; Oregon Department of Justice for BMS, Oregon Secretary of State for BSI, State Historic Preservation Office.

Buildings & More

Lodge (8 private rooms)
Cabin 1
Cabin 2
Cabin 3
Cabin 4
Cabin 5
Adjoining Cabin 6&7
Cabin 9
Cabin 10
Cabin 11
Cabin 12
Toft House
Barn upstairs apartment
Log house + carport
Little house
Tiny house

Lodge living room area

Implement shed
Employee lounge/kitchen storage area, with basement
Wood shed
Tractor shed
Outhouse sheds

Numerous Trails
Irrigation ditch with water tank Log house water tank
Heart shaped labyrinth
Swing bridge over Buckhorn creek
Main driveway
Secondary driveway
24kv solar system
2 separate garden areas
Trailer water system Camping areas
Numerous rock retaining walls
Tiny house water system
Fiber optic wi-fi/internet system
Log entry structure
Cattle guard
Partial fencing

Machiai gazebo
Garden gazebo
Vapor bath house
Vapor bath gazebo
Well structure
Lower well house
Upper well house
Bath house