Roots and Wings: Shasta Yoga Retreat


Buckhorn welcomes our first yoga retreat of the year on May 20th-23rd. Amy Cooper, Kristin Laak, and Selene Seltzer from the Shasta Yoga Center will be teaching: Roots & Wings: Yoga, Self Inquiry & Meditation; an Immersion Retreat for Experienced Practitioners.

The Dodecagon provides a perfect space for practicing yoga. Bruce Sargent put the final touches on the 12 sided circular structure in 2006 after he designed the building, felled and milled the wood from the Buckhorn property, and built the sacred building. The radiant floor heating system and on demand hot water provides a very comfortable space.

“Upon entering, one can’t help experiencing the calming feeling that, among other things, comes from the circular simplicity of the design, the sound of the creek, and the views of the adjacent field” – Bruce Sargent

“In stillness and movement we can relax into the direct experience of our true nature. This retreat will be held in the spirit of Pratyahara, Yoga’s 5th limb, integrating Asana & Pranayama practice, a day of guided, silent sitting and movement meditation, the application of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as opportunities for group sharing.” – Amy Cooper

Please feel free to contact Amy Cooper if you have any questions about the yoga retreat at (503) 926-0221 or follow this link tocontact via email.

Stay tuned for next week’s blogs about our new bee hives and chickens!