Toft House

The Toft House is a very comfortable 4 bedroom home built in the 30’s for Amelia Toft the manager of Buckhorn at the time, and restored by us in 1994 and 2003. The Toft House is our biggest house, located above the lodge and cabins. It has two floors, four bedrooms, a full kitchen, and two and a half bathrooms.

The first floor front bedroom has one queen bed and one single bed with a walk in closet. The rear bedroom is smaller than the front, with a walk in closet and a queen bed. They share a full bathroom with tub/shower combination. The Toft House living room is very spacious, often groups of 15 or less gather to meet here rather than in the lodge or dodecagon.

The second floor front bedroom has one king bed and one single bed. The rear bedroom contains three single beds and one queen bed. The upstairs bathroom includes a separate room with a shower and sink, a water closet, and an additional sink in the common area. One of the couches in the sitting area is a pullout double bed.

  • 1 Bedroom First Floor Front (1 Queen, 1 Single Bed)
  • 1 Bedroom First Floor Back (1 Queen Bed)
  • 1 Bedroom Second Floor Front (1 King Bed and 1 Single Bed)
  • 1 Bedroom Second Floor Back (4 Single Beds)
  • 1 Bathroom First Floor (Tub and Shower Combo)
  • 1 Bathroom Second Floor (Separate Shower and Toilet Rooms)
  • Full Kitchen
  • Large Deck
  • Large Living Room