The Land known as Buckhorn Springs Acknowledgement

The historic Buckhorn Springs Resort in Ashland, Oregon, is located within the ancestral homelands of the ShastaModoc (Klamath)Takelma, and Cow Creek Umpqua peoples who lived here since time immemorial. 


The land upon which Buckhorn Springs resides includes mineral springs which the indigenous tribes referred to as “Hi-U- Skookem” medicine. Tribes from all over the region referred to as “The Land of Many Lakes” would bring their sick to these mineral springs for healing. 


We honor and acknowledge the legacy of those who stewarded this land for many generations before being displaced by colonization, treaties, and other violent acts. 


Today, the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians are living descendants of the ShastaTakelma, and Cow Creek Umpqua peoples of this area. The Klamath Tribes are the living descendants of the Modoc Nation in Southern Oregon.


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You can read some more about what we know about the Indigenous People’s stewarding of Buckhorn Springs on our page Indigenous People at Buckhorn, 1800 – 1900 here.

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