Meet the Sargent Family

Buckhorn Springs serves as a reminder of what is possible when a family commits to a particular place. In a modern world where jobs, houses, and lifestyles are often traded like interchangeable parts, Bruce and Leslie made a radical choice when they purchased the run-down mineral springs resort in October of 1987. They chose to restore and preserve the historic structures, and the stories of a single location. In doing so, their family embarked on what would soon become their life’s work: preserving a piece of Oregon’s history to share with their guests.

If you have the opportunity to visit Buckhorn, you’ll feel the Sargent’s commitment to the land and its history. Chef Leslie serves delicious, seasonal and organic meals. Bruce has restored the buildings according to historical photographs. Russell, their son, built a hiking trail to guide guests through the heart of the property. Lauren, their daughter, helped her mother share kitchen secrets and her father share the history by creating the Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook and now she maintains the Buckhorn website. Quinn, their youngest son, born and raised at Buckhorn, is well versed in working in the woods with his dad or the kitchen with his mom.

Bruce Sargent
Bruce SargentOwner, Operator and Builder
Bruce’s passion for old things found a purpose when he and Leslie stumbled upon Buckhorn in 1987. As the leading authority on Buckhorn’s history, he has spent his life researching and historically restoring the buildings at Buckhorn Springs. Bringing Buckhorn Springs back to life seemed the perfect opportunity to incorporate those interests into his life and work. Bruce loves to build things, but with any excuse to work in the woods you’ll find him somewhere on the back forty.
Leslie Sargent
Leslie SargentOwner, Operator and Chef
Leslie started cooking for her parent’s dinner parties when she was 12 years old. Her passion for cooking has grown over the many years of serving guests at Buckhorn. Leslie plans her menus according to the seasons, incorporating locally grown foods from the Buckhorn gardens and local farmers. Her menus meet the seasons, the group, the summer temperatures and even a winter snowstorm that suddenly comes in.
Russell Sargent
Russell SargentGeneral Manager
Russell has lived and worked at Buckhorn year after year between going away for college, and returning to his own land and work in Chile once a year. Russell is another Bruce in the making, a jack-of-all-traits, you will find him in the kitchen, renovating buildings, and building trails. Russell and his wife, Paulina Samson-Fuentes, celebrated their marrage at Buckhorn Springs in 2014. They live most of the year at Buckhorn, but return to Paulina’s homeland, Chile once a year.
Lauren Sargent Haynes
Lauren Sargent HaynesWebsite Designer
Lauren also returned year after year between college and traveling to rejoin the family business and help wherever was needed. She found her niche when she designed and produced the Buckhorn Springs Heritage Cookbook in 2010. Since she has gotten Buckhorn on the social media map, designed and maintains the Buckhorn website. She and her husband, Justin Haynes, married at Buckhorn in 2013 and now live in Seattle.
Quinn Sargent
Quinn SargentHead Groundskeeper
Quinn is the only Sargent born and raised at Buckhorn Springs. Like his older brother and sister, he spent his summers helping out with the day to day operations at Buckhorn. Quinn recently spent six months training at a Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in China and has his Wilderness EMT. Now attending college, he returns during the summers to work with his mom in the kitchens, and especially to assist in construction projects with his dad.
Paulina Samson-Fuentes
Paulina Samson-FuentesSous Chef
Paulina has her Culinary Degree as a Pastry Chef from Santiago, Chile. After hearing about Buckhorn for years from Russell, she came to live and work in the summer of 2014. Her passion lies in the kitchen where she especially loves the challenges presented in the guests dietary restrictions. She and Russell married in Chile in 2013, and celebrated their union at Buckhorn in 2014. They return each year to visit family in Chile, and live at Buckhorn during the spring, summer and fall.