Whal Opens Resort, 1936

Formal opening of the Buckhorn Mineral Springs resort is planned for March 15, Sunday, one week from today, it has been announced by F. E. Wahl, manager of the company. The mineral springs resort, formerly known as Tolman springs has been completely remodeled and renovated and now offers the most complete service of its kind in this part of the country, Whal said.


Buckhorn Mineral Springs are located 25 miles south of Medford on Emigrant creek. The springs are reached by turning left at the Klamath junction, following the Greenspring highway exactly three miles, and then turning right down the old road. Signs mark the route.


Included in the set-up are the ample lodge, bathhouses, springs with sulphur, oatmeal, soda and mineral water baths, hot medicated baths said to be good for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and similar ailments. Carbondioxide gas vapor baths are also offered, beneficial in the treatment of asthma, catarrh, colds, sinus trouble, eczema and other skin diseases.

The staff includes Mrs. Amelia F. Toft, hostess; Dora Payne, nurse, and Clarence W. Finn, masseur in charge of baths. A graduate of St. Mary’s college in California, Finn, has had two years experience in hydrotherapy at the Veterans hospital in Palo Alto, California, five years experience at the General hospital in Los Angles, and has had considerable experience as masseur at Wilbur hotsprings at Williams, California, and is considered of outstanding ability, Whal said.


Finn follows the baths with mineral oil or alcohol massages and manipulations, as the case may indicate.


Mud baths are also offered at the resort. The mud, of a talc nature, is used for giving facials in many southern Oregon beauty parlors at the present time. The mud is also said to be beneficial in treatment of various skin eruptions when applied in packs.


The recently remodeled lodge includes the dining room and recreational quarters for guests, and there are 11 completely furnished apartments, including several which have been equipped for housekeeping.


A pamphlet now being prepared by the corporation headed by Whal will be released soon, giving detailed information regarding the medicinal and curative values of the springs.
The springs have an interesting history, having been discovered by the Chetko Indians hundreds of years ago, according to an interesting legend that has been handed down. The first white man to visit the place was Judge Tolman, southern Oregon pioneer, after whom the springs were named. Since their discovery by the white race, they have been visited by thousands from all parts of the country.

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